Eco Shamba Kilole Lodge


our mission

Helping Mafia Island Marine Park Community
to relay  in sustainable Eco Tourism

Exploring Mafia Island Marine Park in The Green Way

Best Service at the Minimum impact!

You are going to discover how easy is to be comfortable, but respecting the environment and therefore helping Mafia Island Marine Park community .
Follow us in this important mission!

When you Rest
When You Explore
When You have Fun
When you eat

AN ECO LODGE THAT PROVIDESAll facilities for a memorable vacation

At  Eco Shamba Kilole Lodge you will find a friendly environment based on comfort and love for nature.

Our Green attitude will help you to relax and have fun in the Eco Way.

Beside that, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are conducted with the same concept.

it is very easy to become an Eco Ambassador.
You will be proud to spread awareness and happy to be part of the Green Life!

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