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At Eco Shamba Kilole Lodge, we’ve curated an experience that seamlessly blends relaxation, culinary delights, and immersive activities and all rooted in our unwavering commitment to the Sustainable Eco Lodge and Tourism Model of Mafia Island.

Find tranquility amidst our serene surroundings and allow the natural beauty to rejuvenate your senses.

Dive into a range of activities that not only invigorate the soul but also resonate with our mission to promote eco-conscious tourism. Experience Mafia Island’s genuine charm and our dedication to sustainability, creating memories that are both unforgettable and responsible.”

Restaurant and Eco Cuisine

Savor meals crafted with locally sourced ingredients, celebrating the rich culinary tapestry of Tanzania while supporting local communities.

We care about you!

Food is very important!

At Eco Shamba Kilole Lodge, our cuisine is a testament to our passion for authenticity and freshness.

Every day, we craft our pasta and bread from scratch, with even our sourdough boasting a homemade culture yeast.

Eschewing packaged products, we pride ourselves on preparing everything in-house—from the rich jams and refreshing fruit juices to delectable biscuits, savory sauces, and creamy delights.

Our fish and seafood, freshly sourced, are cooked in styles that celebrate their inherent flavors. Each recipe is a culinary journey, anchored in the richness of local products and the spirit of Mafia Island.

See here some of them.


Prawns Tagliatelle
Fresh Tagliatelle with Tiger Rufiji Prawns
Crab Gratin
Delicious Mangrove Crabs with Grilled Vegetables
Vegetarian Fataya
Mixed Vegetables Fataya with Yogurt Cream
Rock Lobster in Coconut Sauce
One of our Secret Sauce!
Fish Miskaki with Vegetables
From Red Snapper to Cobia Passing by King Fish
Wilde Orange Tart
Wilde oranges in Swahili Mafurungu!
Tuna Tagliata
Served with Smashed Broccoli & Vegetable Saute'
Coconut Ring
Dressed with Dark Chocolate

Now you can start some activity

Seasonal Events

During the season we have several important events. Whale Sharks Experience is one of them

Don’t Miss the opportunity to sail for Whale Watching and  cross Juani Island for Turtle Hatching.

Contact us if you like more information

Turtle Hatching

From June to September you have the opportunity to see the tiny turtles leaving their nest.

Visit for more information.

Whale Watching

Whales are migrating to north during July-September. Come with us to see this giants.

You can combine Whale Watching with Mange Picnic

If You are interested in Historical Tours or discovering the  North of the Island  up to the Light House, you can choose one of this excursion

In Mafia Island Marine Park you can spend your lunch on a Sand Bank like Mange and Marimbani or Fisherman Island (Miewe).
Picnic are also combined with Snorkeling and Scuba diving

Kua Ruins
The Ancient Town of Kua with its Historical Cemetery
Chole Mjini
The Ancient Town of Chole and the Flying Foxes
The Light House
If You want to see Mafia Island from the top of the light house
Sand Bank Picnic
Mange, Marimbani or Fisherman Island
Kanga Beach
When you go to the Light House you can stop at Kanga Beach

Honeymooners love Eco Shamba Kilole Lodge!

We have a special Suite,  its name is Harusi, in Swhahili means Wedding

You have to try our Sailing Sunset with your favorite drink!

Boat Sunset in Mafia Island Marine Park
Couple and Beach
Clown Fish at Korongo

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