Whale Sharks of Mafia Island

Swimming with Whale Shark of Mafia Island

Whale Sharks thrive in the channel between Mafia Island and Tanzania’s main coast. 

You can easily reach these majestic creatures by boat, and swimming alongside them offers an awe-inspiring experience. 

Over recent years, destinations worldwide have seen a rise in dive tourism focused on this species. Among these, Mafia Island stands out as one of the premier Whale Shark sanctuaries. The conformation of the Mafia Archipelago owes much to the vast delta of the Rufiji River. This delta infuses the ecosystem with essential nutrients, forming the foundation of a complex food chain. This chain, in turn, has fostered an optimal habitat for Whale Sharks. However, it’s essential to note that the IUCN (World Conservation Union) Red List of Threatened Species classifies the Whale Shark as vulnerable. This designation indicates a looming threat to their existence in the wild in the foreseeable future.

A Whale Sharks Conservation Program is already started to protect these gentle giants and to raise awareness among the communities of fishermen to participate in this conservation program and bring an alternative income.

Help us to protect the Whale Shark, divulge the concept and donate how much you heart tells you.

Swimming with Whale Shark of Mafia Island is a Fantastic Experience!

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Whale Shark

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